Psychedelic Revolution 2.0

As consciousness breaks through into new ground, inevitably there seems to be a backlash to pull back to  "simpler" days and what

Why I became a Coach

I realized I wanted to be a coach on my very first coaching call. I served as volunteer staff at a workshop and the participants were split into smaller groups Each volunteer coach had individual calls with their small groups members on the 2nd morning of the workshop. I remember getting on the phone and completely forgetting about myself — my lack of sleep and any idle self-concern — and being 100% focused on my coachee. I only was thinking about her well-being and how I could best support her and have her get the most value from the workshop and our call. When I got off the phone a rush of euphoria come over me. It’s what you get when you find a true love and say “oh, this is perfect for m

Radical Oneness: Impossible to See

Radical Oneness is a viewpoint that is literally impossible to see from cognitive-lingual point of view. As I re-enter the word-sphere, I im

Valentine's Day & Self-Acceptance

Valentine's Day! What a better day to delve into self-love and self-acceptance. We can look inward first to find love and then give it a

McKenna: The Self is the Other

A short audio recording in which McKenna references a Jungian tale in which the hero goes on a quest to find "the answer." Guess where it was the entire time? You have "it," you are "it," it will not come from the outside. This is the basis of non-dualism. It is not outside of you.

Self-acceptance and comparing

By comparing ourselves to others, we can sabotage ourselves because we want to be like others: more-better-different. Seeing others excel ca

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