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Radical Oneness: The purpose of this communication

We are conditioned to not see the underlying principles of the universe. How things actually work is beyond our human understanding. How things work is beyond time and space. What we experience as the universe, isn't just connected, but the universe is only just one thing. One cannot put enough limiting qualifiers on "one thing." Just. Only. Simply. One thing. It’s only, simply, just ONE THING.

The reason for this communication isn't because it has not been said before, it certainly has, but I get to say it too, in my own way. In today’s world and in today's language for today's people and for our understanding.

My intention is that it will serve, because of what I stated in the first paragraph: it's difficult to see/hear/feel. Because we are taught the opposite. The dominant paradigm is cause and effect, time runs linearly from past to present to future and we are separate objects with space in between each other. Autonomous entities. Not only are we all connected but we are fundamentally only one thing. And that very fact makes it impossible to properly discuss or explain (its one-thingness).

Our paradigms make it seem like we have a choice, or that it is simply a worldview. Yes, it’s a worldview, but as human beings it can only be this way; western language and culture indoctrinate us even more deeply. Perhaps non-duality is more readily available for the Japanese, or the shamans inducted by the plant medicines from early ages. But this evades the point: as human beings, with developed language, any language, and consciousness, our very seeing is constructed out of separation. Without separation, there is no seeing. Language itself is constructed from separation. Without it, there is no speaking, there is no listening.

No self is our true self but without "a self," there is no choosing and no speaking. And what are we then? Our duality is so fundamental that even this pointing is yet another splitting one into two.

But the purpose of this communication is clear. I point, we look. Perhaps it can provide solace, or even a glimpse at the unspeakable.

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