The Power of Story

During my workshop on 1/14/18 I spoke about one of my biggest breakthroughs during the 3-part transformational training workshop. The catalyst was a distinction that is taught during the first workshop about Fact vs Interpretation and how we create stories based on our interpretation and through those, we create meaning. This "meaning-making" is a critical component of authoring our experience. Our interpretations determine whether something is positive or negative and shape our perspectives and world-view. In this personal share, I illustrate how the stories and interpretations I made up regarding my mother's passing were not supporting me and how, under my own volition, I created new inter

Our Stories Matter

From an early age, we tell ourselves stories incessantly, hypnotizing ourselves to believe we are “this” kind of person, and we can’t do “that.” These stories are made up and we are actually free to stop, look, and choose a new story. My story was that I don’t want to be the center of attention and someone else can hold the microphone while I stand in the background laying down the foundation (bass guitar). I don’t want to be a “performer” so let someone else talk to the crowd. The truth is, I was afraid of being judged and wanted to remain comfortable. Well guess what? Comfortable does not lead or allow the full expression of who we are. It was time for me to stand up and be in the front of

Radical Oneness: Trust

We have no experience of death so how could we trust it? A primary supposition in the worldview of Transformation is that the universe is taking care of us, always. I say, even in death. Even as the lion rips our limbs off and we die in screaming agony, the universe is us, expressed in an infinity of apparitions. I'm not saying the suffering isn't real or that what we have together in this construct is not real, but our perception of separation is indeed the great illusion and ultimately it is only that and that alone that allows for suffering. The universe's purpose is to express itself and ultimately see itself. As humans, we are uniquely fashioned to see the se-er and thus realize ourselv

On Coaching...

The message we send when we try to change people is that something is broken in them. There is nothing wrong with our coaching clients— they are whole and complete, lacking nothing! As a coach, my job is help uncover what a person really wants and then call them forth to have it come to life. To do that requires presence, which in turn, creates intimacy.

Self-Acceptance and Shadow Work

Instead of using our preferences against ourselves, we have the opportunity to accept ALL of ourselves. Even the aspects we don't necessarily like. These preference are frequently taught and come from outside of ourselves. They are conditioned. To look into and explore these parts of us we reject is "shadow work" and can lead tremendous freedom and joy. It brings unity and can heal the splintering of the self.

Radical Oneness: The One Body

The universe is in a conspiracy to wake you up to the One. However, because your entire ​​upbringing, experience, conditioning and evidence, point to the Two, this conspiracy can appear as hostile and an attack. And it certainly can be: the experience feels like an attack on you, your separated self, mindset, ideas, patterns and understanding. To say "I'm attached" to these things is a gross understatement-- "I" (my ego, what I identify as me) am these things I’m attached to. How can the assault on my separated self be experienced as anything but hostile? Trust is the entry point into creating peace within “the great attack.” Because I identify with these things— whether they be my ideas, my

BEing First: Transformation in Everyday Life

I offered my first workshop on the integration of Transformation into everyday life through the distinctions of Being and Presence. We had wonderful discussions about practice, self-acceptance, shadow-work, uncovering old beliefs and the spontaneous creation of experience. What a wonderful group of learners and thinkers! Thank you everyone for you amazing input and contribution.

We are all radiant beings

We are all luminous beings, why then do we not appear before each other radiant in our illumination?

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