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Coaching Services

Becoming the person you aspire to be is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

Together Forward: Couples Coaching 

One of Rob's gifts is seeing multiple points of view simultaneously. This brings a key element when working with couples and conflict resolution. Never taking sides, couples coaching will help the couple slow down and be heard. By learning to come from a  space of appreciation and respect, couples can discover their own roadblocks to intimacy and find out what their partner really feels and needs. And be heard themselves. 

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Leadership: Executive, Management & Business Coaching 

Leading and managing teams is a unique challenge that requires vision, accountability, vision and compassion. In today's world of remote work, changing attitudes towards work and multiculturalism, it's imperative that managers and executives have the support they need to navigate the many pressures and conflicting interests in the 21st century workplace. And for entrepreneurs of small companies or "solo-preneurs" its critical have have a sounding board, and someone who can relate and understand what it means to be the one responsible for "all of it." Rob's unique experience as a manager in many work environments (from restaurants to creative teams to corporate IT to technology companies) AND as a entrepreneur himself, provides his clients wide breath of perspective. And when it comes down to it, most business challenges are about WHO the leader is capable of being and managing relationships. 

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Deep Dive: Inspire BreathWork 

Beneath our thoughts and what is conscious, lies the world of the subconscious and emotional material that is the basis of our conditioning. How do we get free of something we cannot see? Take a deep dive into the unknown and physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of who you are. Breathwork is a chance to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness using a proven, known, safe and drug-free methodology. This technology, while already over 40 years old is just now coming to the forefront of personal growth and will take you places that provide clear insight into your identity, your life, your relationships, and your connection with the divine. What's more, it will take you where you need to go, but only when you are ready to go there. 

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Becoming You: Transformational Coaching

Whether managing the storm of uncertainty and the attack of an invisible enemy or tackling the challenges ahead with a sense of boldness and achievement, your attitude, mindset and what you think and the actions you take will create your experience. Do you want to feel empowered, vigorous, peaceful and calm, like the eye in the center of the storm? Coaching is about becoming who you want to be for yourself, your family and ultimately, your community. It is an opportunity to  see yourself through a new lens, hear your voice with new ears and become the person you are capable of becoming.

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Integrating Breakthroughs: Psychedelic Prep and Integration Coaching

The psychedelic renaissance is upon us and all across the world people are using powerful plant and synthetic medicines to breakthrough where they are stuck, heal trauma and create both inner and outer connection. Using a trauma-informed approach and his vast experience in transformational work (from medicine to meditation, intensive transformational trainings to breathwork), Rob can support you in preparing for your journey and then integrating your experience into your everyday life enabling you to make significant and lasting change. Rob has extensive experience with Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, LSD, Ketamine and empathogens ("heart-openers" such as MDMA). 

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