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Radical Oneness: completion and process

Completion is happening right now. It’s completed actually. You are already whole, perfect and complete, lacking nothing, right now. There is no need for a process or something else to happen or to be done in order for you to be complete.

That is not to say we stop here. No, the flow of life will not allow that. To be alive is to be in the dynamic maelstrom of change and never-ending disruption of stasis. This is why the monks remove themselves. It is very difficult to connect with completion when you are always tossed about by perpetual shifts. And I don’t mean just circumstances. It’s also why the release of desires and preferences supports the realization of perfection. There is no perfection when you are continually wanting more, one more thing, nugget, satisfaction. To quiet down the environment, supports quieting down the mind which in turn allows for the “emergence” of completion. Although it’s already there; we simply allow it to emerge through this quieting.

Completion is the underlying foundation of every moment. We go back to the beginning and find completion. Yes, the beginning is where completion happens.

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