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Valentine's Day & Self-Acceptance

Liking yourself seems simple. But when we are constantly bombarded with images and message that we need to be better, have more and make our situation different, how do we like ourselves? We are never good enough.

From the moment we become exposed to advertising we are taught to look outside ourselves to be complete. We are told we need more money, better food, more (or better) women, better (or more) men, more cars, better homes. And abs. We definitely need abs to be complete. It’s never enough or good enough because WE are (supposedly) never enough (or good enough).

The journey inward is a journey home to the person we long to be — who we actually are — whole and complete, lacking nothing. This journey requires patience, love, curiosity, trust and rigor. What will you find deep within the core of who you are? Who will become as you explore and wonder and ask? Maybe you will be enough. Maybe you always have been. It’s time for a rebellion.

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