Rebel and Love Yourself!

Not that "they" are out to get you but there's plenty of profit taken from creating self-doubt and dissatisfaction with who we are. Not skinny enough? Buy this! Wrong hair color? Buy that! You know the drill. Rebel and love yourself and see the gift that you are, just as you are.

Feedback can be neutral

"There is no failure. Only feedback. —Robert Allen Looking at results can be helpful in that they can be measuring sticks providing us data on where we are with our projects or goals. Unfortunately, we frequently we use them to beat ourselves up. But the meaning we assign to the data is really up to us. Have we failed? That interpretation is independent from the data. We make it up and decide. The data may not be good right now, but saying "we have failed" is creating an absolute out of something that is relative and dependent on a time-based interpretation that is actually malleable. Even for a goal that can no longer be completed, to state "it was a failure" is to place the entirety of th

Radical Oneness: the heart body

As​​ Human Beings, we perceive phenomena though the mind and thus it appears to directly enter the mind as if by projection. Interestingly,

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