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About Rob

Transformational Coach and Breathworker

Rob Israel | RobIsCoaching | Pro LifeCoach Transformation,

Rob Israel has dedicated his life to studying and developing his ability to transform the lives of others. As a Transformational Coach and Facilitator, Rob’s presence and compassion create the space for clients to explore, make mistakes, and break through to well-being and fulfillment.


A devoted meditation practitioner since his teenage years, in 1994 Rob committed to a Zen practice and moved to New York to study with Roshi John Daido Loori, a renowned Zen teacher and mystic. Always fueled by a passion for personal growth through self-exploration, Rob’s continual inquiry lead to a desire to serve and support people in raising consciousness through spiritual and emotional introspection. As a result, Rob became a certified coach with Ideal Coaching Global under the mentorship of master coach, Bettie J. Spruill.


Rob’s diverse background allows him to work with a wide variety of vocations, personality types, and difficult circumstances. As a musician, composer, writer, mystic, philosopher, sociologist, and volunteer philanthropist, he is highly effective at exploring your unique worldview and supporting you in shifting your life from the inside out. As a coach, Rob’s approach is exploratory; asking questions that supports self-discovery and inspires confidence, as opposed to leading or giving personal advice.


Imagine a world of unity, acceptance, and peace, attained through compassion action and a deep empathy for the human condition. Rob’s vision is to connect you with that possibility. Through deep listening, powerful questions and steady presence, Rob promotes the building of trust and inner discovery, allowing you to access to your own deeper wisdom and peace.

Do you have a vision you want to bring to fruition or a circumstance to overcome?
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Creating a “Cycle of Trust”
You can count on me to be:

Present, open, curious, respectful and compassionate.


You can count on me to:

Ask permission, champion & support you, demonstrate integrity.


Together we will co-create:

Your results: trust, joy, abundance and love.


"I don't know what I would've done without Rob as my coach; when I talk about it I get emotional because he has affected my life in areas I never thought I would shine. He had faith in me and saw what I was and who I can be. His coaching is priceless and beyond amazing!!! Anyone taking him on as their coach will be blown away by their breakthroughs! I know I am, and I am forever grateful and blessed for saying yes!"


“It's clear that Rob is passionate about what he does. He approached every session with presence, compassion, and understanding. He listened intently, and his questions guided me towards my own self-realization. It is because of Rob, that I can confidently say I am proud of who I am. I would recommend his services to anybody who is looking to achieve something greater in their lives. I promise you will receive all that you were hoping for!"


“Rob is an AMAZING COACH! He has a talent for listening and gift for sensing what will support my breakthroughs. I love that he is about results, but equally emphasizes who I get to be as I strive for my lofty goals."

“Rob genuinely cares about people. Working with him for a year has changed my life! I've created deep relationships with my family, I learned to say NO, I've learned not to worry about what people think or say about me. Most importantly, I've learned to love myself, possibly for the first time ever, in my 48 years on Earth."


“I've had lasting shifts in my life and relationships through coaching with Rob. Every time we've talked I've experienced him as present, honest, authentic and elevated. I feel he lives in the space of creation and creates the space for me to do the same."

Rob has a gift of pulling the best out of people. His questions are profound, and his observations are keen — all while providing a safe, no judgment space to explore my career, love life and finances. 

Nearly without fail,  we will be at the end of the coaching call and I have written down powerful insights I discovered about myself along with a game plan for immediate application. If accelerated growth is what you're after, Rob is the guy!

Edmund S.


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