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Radical Oneness: Impossible to See

Radical Oneness is a viewpoint that is literally impossible to see from cognitive-lingual point of view. As I re-enter the word-sphere, I immediately make sense of, and form a reality that is limited by nature, seeing the world from a perspective that makes it impossible to perceive Radical Oneness. My very viewpoint is the cause and author of Two. How would I be able to see the One?

In sinking back in slowly, you can have a moment to see the Two and the One at the very same time, as if turning your head down a long, narrow tunnel from which both ends are blind to the other, but on this magical axis, you suddenly peer into both. The easiest way this can be experienced is during the journey back to the Two. As in: you are coming out of the One and seeing the Two and realizing that the Two and the One are diametrically opposed yet exactly the same. It’s like two languages. My water and your ice. When going into the One, the collapse of my ideas can be sudden and complete. At that point, my thoughts just don’t matter and a new Reality emerges, unrelated to my ideas and thoughts. And upon returning back to the Two, knowing the ultimate reality of connectedness, I can’t help but see this world of Two as a mirage and a thin veil covering underlying truth that is both incomprehensible and incommunicable. And these two perspectives that are actually one, are oblivious to each other.

To shift from the Two into the One and see this perspective is rare, but it can be addressed in a later discussion of “lost in the world” or “I forgot myself.” It relates to flow and full body-and-mind activity where self-consciousness is utterly dissolved and all that is left is expression or action. But no, we rarely forget ourselves in a such a way that I enter the One and actually see it and realize it. Entering the oneness from the Two is forgetting myself and in doing so there is infrequently an awaking or realization. However, the literature does provide many examples, so yes, it is a possibility. This is simply because going towards the One is about forgetting myself, and self-consciousness falls away. I can’t forget the self and see the two at the same time — that’s the whole point — I’m forgotten and gone. It’s not impossible because it’s about momentum; moving in this direction of forgetting, then seeing the Two, rips you out of the loss of self-consciousness and the experience of dropping away. You can’t lose self-consciousness and remember yourself at the same time right? Well, you actually can, but because of momentum it’s much easier to do coming out of the One.

Deep, intense practice of letting go of thoughts (leaving behind the Two) will indeed clear a path to the One that can be wide enough see through and back and realize, “Yes, I have come from the Two, I see the One but I know of the Two.” In this moment the magic is realized and sudden awakening can occur. Be it a fleeting moment, or a thunder clap that moves into an extended experience (of the two and the one at once) it can be fully realized as the miracle of consciousness seeing itself and waking up.

So I say it’s impossible to see, but clearly it is possible. But I am talking of the thing “I” have not seen— so really, who can say for sure.

​​How are the Two and the One diametrically opposed and exactly the same? This is the true nature of space and time and the universe. It is our grand metaphor. It is only a problem because we take the two (and the one) literally. When I can see it’s a metaphor, there’s no problem at all. But yes, seeing my very real life as a metaphor is easier said than done.

As I walk with my feet in the grass, feeling the sun on my face, it’s really real, right? “Really real” is really relative and this life is simply a metaphor for an underlying current of oneness that cannot be perceived or conceived of from the sun and the grass and my feet or my mind.

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