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Radical Oneness: seeing

The eye is the image. The image is simply I.

From here reality unfolds as it is, no duality. No separation. But when subject and object collapse, then what? We peer into the infinite, the unfathomable, and wonder.

This can be a challenging arena because to make sense of things when there is no distinction is like trying to speak with no language! What is there to say? Well, everything. But how do you say it?

I explore this because ultimately, this is where rabbit hole of self-inquiry leads, if followed long enough. The simplicity of cause and effect and “this and that” cannot maintain its rigidity under the searing eye of what I actually am. And what am I actually? If I peer long enough I’ll see I’m absolutely nothing and yet I am it. Everything.

Scanning the surface, appearances produce a myriad of objects, seemingly distinct and separate. But the longer the gaze the more things collapse upon themselves. We believe that that thing causes this thought.

But eventually we may experience that this thought causes that thing to appear. Simply because of our mere noticing, cause and effect of seeing and perceiving can eventually lead to mutual arising. Not one before the other, but a simultaneous creation that merges the creator and the created so as to render the discernment between the two non-existent.

When what is seen is created by the viewer, and without that viewer there is nothing seen, and when what is seen arises with my thought-perception, I have no subject and object but mutually arising. We experience Being of “what is” as it’s created.

But again, now what? And what does it mean? That’s the human dilemma. We make meaning and long to have our experience make sense, and moreover, long to have our experience fit into our meaning-making.

The failing of objectivity can be experienced, observed and tested. Not just in antidotal observation, but via scientific experiments with sub-atomic particles. As our subjective seeing impinges on “objective reality” — the viewing effecting what is viewed — it would be easy to fall into thinking it is meaninglessness, or “it’s all an illusion,” or it’s just a mash of random stuff and nothing is more meaningful or important than the next.

But it is within the seeing of the merger, that I can also take responsibility for the seen. In my seeing I am not just a passive observer, but a creator, an author of what lies before me and what unfolds. The power of the human mind is unfurled before me through my eyes and from here I make the meaning that really matters— that life really matters because I am at choice of having it be that way. I declare it to be so, and so it is.

This experience becomes solely mine to make, with the “objective” reality a cornucopia of players and play-things with which to dance and weave. In this Being state of play and dance, the dramas, tragedies and crises unfold, not as happening to me, but as me. And I allow my seeing to shape and form the meanings according to my sensibility. What is, is. What it means, is my domain. From there, I use my seeing and my language to shape and form life itself.

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