You Decide

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." — Ralph Waldo Emerson


Acceptance is being with what actually is happening. What is present. What we have.

Don't quit your passion

It's easy to get caught up in wanting success NOW. We keep looking ahead to determine if things are going to work out they we want. Frequently we'll project what we see as the outcome and give up. What's happening here? For one, we are leaving in a possible, self-defined future outcome. This is made up. There's nothing real about it. Ella was a master singer and a gifted artist. But she isn't talking about talent or skill. She is specifically speaking into inspiration and what moves you. To have the trust that because you are moved and passionate, you are on the right track. What that will actually look like, no one really knows. But love and inspiration come first. Worry about the results l


Being authentic is simply being yourself. But frequently we get into our heads about it and separate and second guess ourselves. What's more authentic than admitting inauthenticity? This kind of revealing can be powerful and create connection and honesty.

Rigged in your favor

With this mindset and worldview, the meanings you create can really support you in how you deal with challenges, celebrations, and can help

Control, Trust and Being Present

Trying to be in control is a slippery slope. Often it leads to "future tripping" and not being present. It also requires trust to let go of control, so being in a controlling state can be a reminder we need to step into trust and return to the moment.

Just let go...

My friend and colleague Tamrah Barber of @ExtremeTeenLeaders posted this one. The brain has got a lot of great ideas, but dude, shut the fuck up every once in a while!

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