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Radical Oneness: Trust

We have no experience of death so how could we trust it?

A primary supposition in the worldview of Transformation is that the universe is taking care of us, always. I say, even in death. Even as the lion rips our limbs off and we die in screaming agony, the universe is us, expressed in an infinity of apparitions. I'm not saying the suffering isn't real or that what we have together in this construct is not real, but our perception of separation is indeed the great illusion and ultimately it is only that and that alone that allows for suffering.

The universe's purpose is to express itself and ultimately see itself. As humans, we are uniquely fashioned to see the se-er and thus realize ourselves. It is in this manner that the universe is in a great conspiracy to wake us up and have us see our true nature-- IT's true nature. And upon seeing itself it cannot help but laugh and celebrate, bow in gratitude and cry in loving self-reverence.

Yes, I'm talking about you realizing you and you being the eye and the object, falling in upon itself while unfolding to the very reaches of all space and time.

From that point of view, is there any possibility other than the universe taking care of itself?

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