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Transform Your Life or Business with Ontological Coaching

“Everyone needs a coach. Whether we are a CEO, leader, teacher, basketball player or bridge player, we all need people who will help us reach our goals and give us feedback.”
—Bill Gates

Coaching is client-driven — meaning you are in the driver's seat, directing yourself to your desired destination. Together, we will explore your unique perspective of yourself and of the world. Coaching focuses on creating your results by designing your life in a way that allows you to fully express and embrace yourself. Through generous listening, asking powerful questions, and supporting the creation of new awareness, we will map out your mental mindset, transform areas that aren’t working, and create practices that move you towards your desired lifestyle.  


Coaching Clients report:


  • Greater satisfaction in both life and career

  • A sense of authorship and responsibility that is self-empowering

  • Increased creativity and effectiveness

  • Better communication and more joy in their interpersonal relationships

  • Professional momentum, increased confidence, and money breakthroughs  


Coaching acts as a sounding board where you can listen and observe yourself in a safe space. Instead of exploring your past, we will stay in the present, looking at how your current ways of being, thinking, and listening may be preventing you from overcoming your current circumstances and authoring your life by design.


In Ontological coaching, we presuppose you are you a whole and complete human being, with a unique genius and gift to give to the world. Hence, I am not there to tell you, direct you, or fix you. Rather, I provide you support in discovering your own answers, generating clarity, embracing your brilliance, and creating extraordinary results.


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Other Coaching Competencies & Distinctions:

Presence: Coaches are present to people in way you may rarely experience. Trained to listen, observe, and connect your ecology, presence is one of the most vital competencies a coach can possess. Presence allows an environment to be created where you can learn about yourself at an accelerated rate, uncover limiting conversations, blind spots, and more. See my short video overview on Presence.


Listening: Deep Listening is at the heart of coaching. Coaching involves listening to language, which may reveal patterns or deeper fears / desires, listening to how you see the world and therefore interact with the world, as well as listening to non verbal cues. Coaches also listen for your brilliance and help you to develop that brilliance, bringing it forth into the world.   


Questioning: Coaches use questions to explore topics more deeply, shift perspective, gain awareness or insight, and move you into new realms of possibility.


Direct Communication: Occasionally, coaching may utilize story, metaphor, or direct observation to support you in your journey.


The ICF: The International Coach Federation is the largest body of professional coaches on the planet. They bring standards of excellence and rigor to the coaching world, helping to ensure coaches are competent and ethical. I am ICF credentialed coach through Ideal Coaching Global. To see a complete list of the ICF competencies, click here.


What Does It Mean to “Be Coachable”?

As the client, your job is to be open to sharing and revealing some aspects of your life, and then to explore those aspects with your coach. Trust is crucial in the coaching process, which is why your sessions are completely confidential.


Ready to create a result you only ever dreamed of but never took action on?

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Why Hire a Coach?

-To create a major result in you life or to explore why an intended result isn’t coming to fruition  


-To support you in seeing cognitive blindnesses, which may be holding you back from reaching your full potential


-To give yourself tools for effective communication and action, improving relationships and making you more likely to succeed  


-To take responsibility for your own experiences and author new experiences through intention and ways of being


-To have a compassionate presence who listens, explores, and supports the discovery and cultivation of your own wisdom


-To continue your journey of transformation: the ability to go beyond your circumstances


“A coach is the space of infinite possibilities. At the heart of coaching, is receiving another human being.” Bettie J. Spruill, Master Coach


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