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Stories we tell about ourselves

From an early age, we tell ourselves stories incessantly, hypnotizing ourselves to believe we are this kind of person, and we can’t do that.

These stories are made up and we are actually free to stop, look, and choose a new story. My story was that I didn't want to be the center of attention and someone else can hold the microphone while I stand in the background laying down the foundation (bass guitar). I don’t want to be a “performer” so let someone else talk to the crowd.

The truth is, I was afraid of being judged and wanted to remain comfortable. Well guess what? Comfortable does not lead or allow the full expression of who we are. It was time for me to stand up and be in the front of the room and connect. And I don't have to be a performer. I can practice and still be my authenticate self and offer my compassion.

Am I Tony Robbins? Hell no! Do I want to be? No! And I don’t need to be or look like that or compare myself to what I clearly am not. Is it better or worse? NO. There are myriad ways of reaching someone, and many people will actually prefer that I am not Tony. And guess what? I prefer that too! I prefer not being someone else; I prefer to be me. Today I request you ask yourself: “what stories have I been telling myself about myself?" Are they supporting you on your mission in life? Consider creating a new one, an entirely new possibility could appear, one that was not even on the radar. Like me being the frontman!

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