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June 7, 2018

Trying to be in control is a slippery slope. Often it leads to "future tripping" and not being present. It also requires trust to let go of control, so being in a controlling state can be a reminder we need to step into trust and return to the moment.

May 8, 2018

Suzuki Roshi has shifted the consciousness in this country and Western culture.

March 21, 2018

In this introduction to the Transformational context of Be-Do-Have, I begin to explore Being and how ontological coaching utilizing ways of being.

February 5, 2018

By comparing ourselves to others, we can sabotage ourselves because we want to be like others: more-better-different. Seeing others excel can be inspiring, or — if we use the comparison game — can sap our confidence and commitment.

January 24, 2018

From an early age, we tell ourselves stories incessantly, hypnotizing ourselves to believe we are “this” kind of person, and we can’t do “that.” These stories are made up and we are actually free to stop, look, and choose a new story. 

My story was that I don’t want to be the center of attention and someone else can hold the microphone while I stand in the background laying down the foundation (ba...

January 17, 2018

Instead of using our preferences against ourselves, we have the opportunity to accept ALL of ourselves. Even the aspects we don't necessarily like. These preference are frequently taught and come from outside of ourselves. They are conditioned. To look into and explore these parts of us we reject is "shadow work" and can lead tremendous freedom and joy. It brings unity and can heal the splintering of...

January 9, 2018

When you are present you are giving the gift of you to those around you.